"I could sacrifice anything or anyone else for victory…but not…"

[Oh, I would do anything for love victory!
I would do anything for love victory, but I won’t do that.
No I won’t do that.]

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"I hate lying… and needless killing…"

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Groans loudly and lays face first on the ground.

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"Damn this fucking game!"

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"Why is everyone kissing each other?" Cue one embarrassed staring teen.

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Chosen of the Goddess [Intro/Open]

There was a world that he had dreamed of once upon a time. A world more advanced than anything he had ever seen before. A magical world, one that seemed as though sorcerers would be everywhere to operate things, and yet, not one bit of magic controlled the world.

It had all been a part of a distant dream, something that he had never spoken of, something that only occasionally he’d wake from his dreams to remember. Metal monsters he had to fight off with wooden swords, warriors who were as skilled, if not more skilled than those that taught him at the palace.

Violet eyes remained wide as he took in everything. What for a long time he’d begun to think of as a dream? It was real. A weight was suddenly on his shoulder. A black cat resting right under his ear, purring loudly. The purring was audible, almost human speech to the boy. Words only he could hear came from the animal.

"It wasn’t a dream was it?" Fingers lowered to the sword at his side, fingers running over the gem that was set into the pommel. He had his weapon. He had his magic, as much as he feared the gift, he could still feel the purple flame within him, flickering with the gift that he feared so much. "Jon!" The thought hit him like a stampede of horses. Cursing like a guardsman, violet eyes looked around wildly. He was the only one who ever suspected Roger, he was the only one who would be able to protect Jon from his cousin…

"I need to get back."

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Important Note

Okay, just a little explaining before I go do some stuff and write up posts and replies.

So, this little cutie is named Alanna. She’s from a fantasy/medieval quartet. Part of a much larger series of books all set in in the same world. Now, yes, Alanna is a girl. However, there’s an issue with metagaming possibility so I thought I’d explain this now before I start writing.

Alanna, for all intents and purposes, is a ‘boy’. To help avoid confusion in this matter, I’ll be using masculine pronouns, and use the name she gives while pretending to be a boy ‘Alan’. The reason I’m bringing this up, is I don’t want Alanna treated as a female. She managed to fool everyone for eight years pretending to be a boy, even against some of the most powerful sorcerers (there is one exception) on person figured it out (everyone else found out only when she told them) when she called upon the Goddess for help with magic.

Also her chest is bound flat, so no, boobs wont give it away.

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Art by David Wyatt

For ‘Song Of The Lioness’ by Tamora Pierce

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quick study break with my favorite lady knights

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ya meme // nine quotes

lioness rampant (tamora pierce)

"It’s funny," he replied, thinking. "I look at you and realize you’ve been to places I’ll never visit." He smiled regretfully. "You turned into a hero when I wasn’t watching."

"Don’t say that. I’m still me."

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